Laizhou City – Investment and Business Opportunities in Shandong China

Laizhou City – Investment and Business Opportunities in Shandong China

Luna Chao Guo, the Director of Fusion Cultural Development, has been nominated as the Official Overseas Representative of Laizhou City Council. 

laizhou overseas representative

Luna is receiving the certificate from the Mr Xiujun Ma, the Director of Laizhou Department Of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs.

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Laizhou (莱州) is a county-level city in Yantai Prefecture, Shandong Province, China. As of 2008, Laizhou had a population of 902,000, out of which 188,000 are urban residents.

Laizhou traditionally boasts strong economy due to its abundant natural resources, such as gold, magnesium, granite, and salt. Laizhou produces about 15% of the gold production of the whole nation, around 55,000 pounds annually. It is ranked 37th among the similar size cities in the nation and the top 10 in Shandong Province. In 2010, the GDP of Laizhou reached $7.3 billion USD. Laizhou Port is one of the major ports in the Yellow River Delta.

Laizhou embraces Bo Hai Bay to its west border, and is famous for swimming crabs and razor clams. Claimed as the Capital of Chinese Rose, Laizhou hosts Chinese Rose Festival on May 25 every year, attracting thousands of visitors. Laizhou is also well known for its creative straw handmade crafts, one of Laizhou’s main exporting commodities. Li Denghai, a Laizhou native, is called Godfather of Compact Planting Hybrid Maize for his contribution. Apple orchards and apple seedling nursery are popular in eastern part of Laizhou, led by one of the best apple seedling nurseries in China, Laizhou All Nature Horticultural Nursery in Xiao Caogou Village.

Laizhou No. 1 High School ranks among the top 100 high schools in China, has sent thousands of graduates to top universities all over the nation. Laizhou Martial Arts Institute was selected to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Over the years, Laizhou has been awarded including:

– Top Longevity Cities of China

– Excellent Tourist City in China

– The Happiest City in China

– Nation’s Cleanest City

– Best Corn Seed Region in China

– Capital of Handmade Straw Crafts in China.

(Above introduction is from Wikipedia)

The main industries in Laizhou are:

– Gold

– Mechanical and electronics

– Stone industry

– Salt chemical industry

– High-end equipment manufacturing industry

– Energy-saving and environmental protection industry

– Port Industry

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