Unleashing the Power of Fusion  for an Seamless Future

Promoting cultural exchange to achieve innovation, creativity, and inclusivity.

Our strength lies in our multicultural experience and expertise, which enables us to navigate different contexts and unlock new opportunities. Our commitment to cultural fusion drives our success in the global marketplace.


At our company, we believe that education and business services play a crucial role in fostering cultural understanding and driving commercial success. Our goal is to provide these high-quality services to create a better world, where cross-cultural cooperation is the norm and international students are able to thrive.

We recognize the pivotal role played by these students as bridge builders for achieving this goal and our specialized project, Youai Scotland, is designed to support Chinese students by helping them integrate into their new cultural environment. We are dedicated to empowering these students to make a positive impact on the world and to be successful in their educational and professional pursuits.



Customized cultural training and consultancy services to businesses, organizations and individuals, to help them understand and navigate cultural differences and improve cross-cultural communication skills.


Support services to international students studying in the UK, including university and programme consultancy, orientation sessions, cultural activities, and assistance with visa and immigration processes.


End-to-end service to expand global reach including identifying partners, conducting due diligence, coordinating meetings,  negotiations and ongoing support to ensure successful collaboration and long-term partnerships.

Youai Scotland

It is a non-profit project that prioritizes aiding Chinese students to integrate into their new communities through participation in volunteer work.

We are proud to offer a variety of signature activities, including Chinese Food Bank, Happy Chinese free language classes, the VESPA challenge, and our purely volunteer-run Thrift Shop.

Through these offerings, our volunteers work to create an inclusive and empowering space for Chinese students in Scotland. We believe these activities provide valuable contributions to the local community and help Chinese students feel comfortable, confident, and at home in their new city.

Our team is excited to continue expanding our support and outreach programs, and we welcome all who share our values to join us in this important work.